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Some suppliers, brokers and manufacturers frequently stretch one gallon or one pound of genuine Aloe Vera gel liquid or powder to literally tens or hundreds of gallons or pounds of finished Aloe Vera drink, reaping outrageous profits. The taste of the Aloe Vera juice or drink you experience is mostly due to citric acid and preservatives. Genuine fresh Aloe Vera gel tastes bland and is slightly oily.
Commercially produced Aloe Vera cosmetics and skin care products are no better because most of the time Aloe Vera gel is there just for label claims, meaning merely present to entice you to buy them. The amount of aloe present is often so small that it imparts no benefit to the products whatsoever.
Forever Living’s product line includes Aloe Vera based drinks, lotions, supplements, cosmetics, and detergents. The company owns 5,000 acres of aloe plantations and facilities capable of processing 6,000 gallons of raw aloe each day. Forever Living also owns and operates more than a dozen resorts and attractions, including Dallas’s Southfork Ranch.
Since 1978, Forever Living Products has dedicated itself to seeking out nature’s best sources for health and beauty and sharing them with the world; their products are the result of that search. They’re a testament to nature’s incredible capacity to help us look and feel our very best. They also represent the unwavering commitment to quality and purity.

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Everything you need to achieve better health naturally is in their products. We invite you to explore through these pages and discover a world of health and beauty products with a level of quality and excellence unsurpassed by any other!

Company Name:
Forever Living Products

Scottsdale, Arizona

Founded: 1978
Global Offices: 145
Distributors: 9.5 million
Chairman & CEO: Rex Maughan
Website: foreverliving.com